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Who wants "Cubase 6" for 100$??

2013-08-26 21:15:39 by Viano

Does anyone want "Cubase 6: Advanced Music Production System." for 100$? Just pay for the shipping.
Send a message!!!

- Comes with all 6 CDs!
- Comes with an iLok USB device!
- Comes with all 5 License Code! I did NOT use the codes, you will be the FIRST to activate the product!

I bought this a while back but didn't like it . ( I prefer my FL Studio) Still in box. Paypal only!

Who wants "Cubase 6" for 100$??


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2013-08-27 02:39:25

I wish I could buy Cubase from you, but I cannot. I would like to say now since I have the opportunity that your animation has continued to be my #1 favorite on Newgrounds for years. Thank you for that excellent work.

Viano responds:

Wow.....after ALL these years.... still?? Thank you...


2013-08-27 16:28:14

"...after all these years?"

Hail yeah! It's awesome, and awesomeness doesn't fade so quickly. Although, it is looking a bit dated, it's still resting safely in my favorites. :)

Y'know, if you'd like to make some more animations... ...just sayin'. ;)

Viano responds:

Wow, you too?


2013-08-27 18:01:12

Sounds like a good deal, but I don't buy things online except for very rare circumstances.

Viano responds:



2013-08-28 00:57:13

Come on, anybody? I'll lower it to 100$. This thing goes for 300+$ on ebay.


2013-08-28 21:59:12

How about I'll buy it and resell with higher price?